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The Healing Cooperative®

The healing and creative arts bring peace and harmony to a world that is suffering from over-civilization...

Many of us find ourselves drawn to the healing and creative arts in order that we may help ourselves and others...

We take classes, we attain levels of certification in our specialty areas, we study privately, we share our newly developed skills with close friends and loved ones...

Yet we yearn for the chance to be able to send our love for the healing and creative arts out into the world...

We envision being able to reach more people, do more of what we love, and develop ourselves both spiritually and professionally...

The Healing Cooperative® is intended to serve as a vehicle through which we can share our positive energy and support one another on our individual paths of healing...

The Healing Cooperative® will allow us to share our knowledge and skills and resources, and join together as a viable entity, focusing on peace, healing, community support and outreach...

THIS GROUP is for holistic health PRACTITIONERS, those interested in LEARNING about holistic healing, and those SEEKING HEALING!

What We Are All About

The Healing Cooperative® is a not-for-profit organization which provides PRACTITIONERS and ADMIRERS of the HEALING and CREATIVE ARTS with the opportunity for PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING and SPIRITUAL GROWTH - meeting monthly in Toronto, ON, Fairfax, VA, and Houston, TX - and meeting weekly on ZOOM Sunday's 4pm CST / 5pm EST.

The Healing Cooperative® invites all those who love the healing and creative arts to come together and work towards healing our world.  When we are together, we can accomplish so much more!

If we intend to improve the lot of others, we must first create peace, joy, and spiritual awakening within ourselves.  Our own enlightenment and evolving consciousness will lift up all of humanity.

I foresee that the healing and creative arts will become the primary source for happiness in our world...and it's no surprise that healers are springing up everywhere!

Let us rejoice in the awareness that we can make a difference!

The Healing Cooperative® welcomes YOU to meetings, classes, workshops, and so much more! 

Susan Taylor-Gol, MsCMHC, NCC, LPC
Founding Director
The Healing Cooperative®


Therapeutic Arts Instructor

Meditation Facilitator
Essential Oils Consultant
REIKI Master Teacher / Practitioner


Counseling / Psychotherapy - Individuals and Groups

REIKI Private Healing Sessions
REIKI Certification Classes  (Levels I, II, III)
Intuitive Therapeutic Art Workshops
Essential Oil Consultations
Group REIKI Shares
Group Guided Meditations
571 225 0215

How We Can Help You

The Healing Cooperative® functions as a forum through which we can develop ourselves professionally, build our practices, foster intra-group referrals and enrich our own lives as we help others...

This not-for-profit organization is intended to bring friends new and old TOGETHER... in a place that is devoid of jealousy, insecurity, resentment, fear, and bitterness...

What can YOU offer the world through The Healing Cooperative®?

Contact me and tell me about your ideas, your specialty area in the healing and creative arts, your dreams...and I will gladly include you in our circle of friends, promote your ability and invite you to be a part of THE HEALING COOPERATIVE®

Join our Monthly meetings in:
TORONTO, Ontario
FAIRFAX, Virginia

AND WEEKLY MEETINGS on ZOOM!  Sunday's at 4pm CST / 5pm EST

Would YOU like to take the opportunity to be the Speaker of the WEEK or MONTH for an upcoming meeting of The Healing Cooperative®?

Call for more info
Susan Taylor-Gol, MsCMHC, NCC, LPC


Founding Director
The Healing Cooperative®

For weekly updates and ongoing networking, please join our Facebook Group Page and Meetup Group Pages!

Monthly Meetings include:

Therapeutic Sharing Exercise
Guided Meditation
Presentation by Speaker
REIKI Healing Circle

$10 participation

Professional Networking and Spiritual Support!

Join us and enjoy new friends and the awakening of your spirit!



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The Healing Cooperative®

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The Healing Cooperative®

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